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funny picture His 1st music lesson

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funny picture His 1st music lesson

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1Anonymous,12 weeks ago
2Catanfag,12 weeks ago
I am the one who WIDRINSKIS
3Anonymous,10 weeks ago
And this is funny because...?
4Anonymous,10 weeks ago
Because fuck you, that's why.
5Anonymous,8 weeks ago
6Anonymous,8 weeks ago
3: You just like don't get it, man.
7Already dead again?,7 weeks ago
8ginofgan,6 weeks ago
Well shit, this site might as well be dead...
9Isn't it?,3 weeks ago
10Anonymous,3 weeks ago
itn't is?
11ginofgan,2 weeks ago
Okay, okay NOW the site is dead.
12Anonymous,1 weeks ago
well, my dear ginofgan, you will return regularly anyway, and in just a little year, you can enjoy
three new pics
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